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Pool Safety Cover
Safety covers protect your family, pets, and the harsh weather from damaging your pool. They come in a mesh and solid cover. Made here in Charlotte, NC. Professionally installed and up to 15 year warranties. Safety covers usually start around $1500.00 plus installation. 
Standard Pool Covers
Leaf Nets
Looking for a cover for your Pool or Spa? Pool Xperts are experts with covers. Call us today and we can go over your options on getting you the cover your looking for.
Standard Pool covers come in many different sizes and can come with a 8, 12, or 20 year warranty. Easy to install using water bags or tubes to secure the cover. Standard pool covers start around $80.00 depending on size.
Leaf net are a great option for your pool, alone or with a standard cover. They will help keep the leaves and debris out of your pool.  Leaf nets start around $150
Soft Spa Cover
Soft Spa cover is a great inexpensive way to cover your spa. Soft Spa covers start around $100. 
Floating Spa Covers
Hot Tub Covers
Have a spill over spa? these floating spa covers float on the water and are safety covers for your in-ground spa. Floating Spa Covers start around $800.00
Our custom hot tub covers are made for you spa. Excellent quality and tons of colors and options to choose from. Custom Spa Covers start around $380.00 plus shipping. Can ship directly to your home. 
Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers are great way to cover your pool. Simply press a button, and the cover automatically closes, protecting your family, pets, and pool. Automatic Pool covers can be installed using Deck Top tracks or installed during construction of a pool.  Automatic covers can cost $8,000 - $12,000, installed.